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I like how they call me “Consumer” <> 11:16PM (11 hours ago) to me Dear Consumer, Thank you very much for contacting us about the ongoing Open Internet proceeding. We’re hoping to hear from as many people as possible about this critical issue, and so I’m very glad that we can include your thoughts and opinions. I’m a strong supporter of […]

One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year since I started this site, and without a doubt it’s changed me and my approach to the world. I went from someone who wasn’t much of a reader to gulping down books in twos and threes. I didn’t really have much direction in life, and now I’ve found purpose and a radically different worldview. I witnessed […]

“Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

More good stuff from Gavin over at Zen Pencils. Though things may seem chaotic and divided right now, humanity is slowly developing this kind of global consciousness, and the internet has a lot to do with that. Now it’s just a race against time…will we realize our interconnectedness and act together in self-defense before our […]

The rise of telepathic rats

In a move that will excite science fiction enthusiasts and send sufferers of musophobia screaming for the hills, researchers at Duke University have taken the first steps toward bringing brain-to-brain communication into reality by electronically connecting rats’ brains. I, for one, welcome our new rodent overlords. Here’s what happened: two rats had their brains wired up […]

Why no climate talks?

I wanted to talk for just a second about why there haven’t been any climate talks posted in the last few months. After all, I’ve had the time, and I’ve mostly had the opportunity (though a few rejections did bum me out). Really what I’ve been lacking is certainty of purpose, because the script for […]

The economy isn’t coming back

Presently Americans wait with bated breath, watching sales numbers and unemployment statistics, grasping for signs that an economic recovery is underway. We search for signals that indicate we’re growing, that there will be a job for everyone who wants one, and that the United States will resume the prosperity and standing in the world it once had. We […]

The high price of materialism

A war on climate change is a war on materialism, plain and simple. The carbon pollution spewing out of our power plants and tail pipes is a natural byproduct of the monstrous engine of economic growth we have built, an engine that exists solely to satisfy the demand our materialism creates. Indeed this demand is […]

The speech he should have given

Yesterday afternoon Barack Obama gave his first major climate address to the nation. While many environmentalists jumped for joy, I found myself singularly unimpressed — the speech lacked any real sense of urgency, mired in the same plodding, informative language that convinces few of the seriousness of the problem, much less compels them to act. So I decided to write him the […]