Hello, it’s been awhile, miss us?

It has been some time since our last post (especially mine) and I thought no better time than now to treat you all to my second article, on Science Pope.  Eric has some crazy excuse for not posting in a while, some lame weak excuse like becoming a new dad to twins,  and if you ask me it’s not that hard…

DSC00809 DSC00137 DSC_6398 DSC01002 Owen and Maddie Laundry

I kid, because I love.  Eric and Sarah are having a great time with Briar and Grant; they are two of the cutest twins and a true joy to be around.


To be honest Eric has been diligently working on a very large, 3 part article and from what I have seen and read it is a game changer! (yep that’s right a perk of being an insider!  I have seen and read it, so nah nah, nah nah) And let me tell you, it works on so many levels; it pulls at your heart strings, punches you in the gut and then tells everything will be alright, if we choose the correct adventure (the only catch is once we choose there is no going back and picking a new adventure like you know you all did reading the classic CYOA’s).

chose the correct adventure
Choose Your Own Adventure! But choose wisely!

I can’t wait for you all to read it.  So, until then you will just have to settle for my article which will be out in the next few days!

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