Best anniversary gift ever!

One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year since I started this site, and without a doubt it’s changed me and my approach to the world. I went from someone who wasn’t much of a reader to gulping down books in twos and threes. I didn’t really have much direction in life, and now I’ve found purpose and a radically different worldview. I witnessed the strange comedy of pregnancy and extended my sense of self to include my two beautiful newborns. It’s been quite a year, one that’s made me feel rich and fulfilled in ways I’ve never been before.

Best anniversary gift ever!
Best anniversary gift ever!

If we wanted to nitpick, I guess today isn’t technically the site’s anniversary…I just chose something in the ballpark. Hey, I’m a busy man. I have diapers to change.

And isn’t an anniversary sort of a subjective thing anyway? Does it refer to the day I launched the website (September 28th 2012)? Does it mean the date I quit my job to start building it (August 5th)? Or is it the moment the idea first sparked and I began to put a plan in motion (February)? In the end I don’t think it matters, as the essence of an anniversary is not in the chronology but rather acknowledgement and reflection of our personal investment. So while the website’s goals of awareness and action on climate change remain a work in progress, what’s most important is to appreciate that investment and be thankful.

tumblr_mfwskxYvx81s06txbo1_250In that spirit of thankfulness, all I really want this post to be is a big THANK YOU to everyone that’s followed the site this past year and begun coming to grips with climate change and the massive systemic shifts underway in the world today. Extra special thanks go out to everyone who’s contributed to the Facebook page, and extra extra special thanks go out to Jeff Davis, Dan McClure, and Shayna Orent for adding their voices to the mix by writing articles of their own.

If Year One focused more on defining the problem and raising awareness, Year Two will be more about practical action and the “What Do We Do?” piece of puzzle. As much personal change as I’ve undergone so far, it will only continue to pick up speed. Ghandi said we must be the change we wish to see in the world, so Sarah and I are remaking our living situation, lifestyle, and community to do just that. I look forward to writing more about these changes in the months ahead.

I’m one year in to this adventure, my hopes are as high as ever, and I’m excited to stand with you at a pivotal moment in history. In the words of Paul Gilding:

There’ll be a fair amount of chaos and we’ll teeter on the edge for a while, wondering if we’ll get through. But we will, and we’ll then look back to this time and say, yes, I was there.


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  1. Eric, I think you have it all wrong. We owe you a great big THANK YOU. Not to speak for the rest of your friends and followers, but I for one would still be getting my info, or lack there of, from the main stream media , and would still be grossly uneducated on the situation if it weren’t for you! So again, I thank you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Too much, a little over the top? I don’t care… for that matter here is one more THANK YOU!

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