Why no climate talks?

I wanted to talk for just a second about why there haven’t been any climate talks posted in the last few months. After all, I’ve had the time, and I’ve mostly had the opportunity (though a few rejections did bum me out).

Really what I’ve been lacking is certainty of purpose, because the script for the talk has been in a state of flux. I wrote the original script about a year ago, but in the last couple of months it’s morphed to be less about what climate change is and more about what it means. When this transition is complete the talk is going to be a lot more personal and as a result (I hope) a lot more impactful.

emotionThe talk is also getting a lot more pessimistic, though not in terms of the power of science, compassion, and human ingenuity to pull us out of this mess. The pessimism stems from recent climate disasters and economic turmoil — and manifests in presenting things getting much worse much sooner than previously predicted. “Climate Talk 2.0” is hardly even about the climate at all anymore, it’s more about economic collapse and understanding exponential growth. It’s about fear for the future, and love for my family.

And when I say that there haven’t been any climate talks for a while, that’s not entirely true…I’ve been giving them here or there, I just haven’t been filming them. As things get more personal, more about the here and now, it’s taking me some time to adjust to the idea of sharing those personal moments with the world. But we’ll get there. I’ll have another climate talk (recorded back in April) up next week, and “Climate Talk 2.0” videos will follow soon after. Thanks for sticking with me.


One thought on “Why no climate talks?”

  1. I would be honored to have the privilege of this 2.0 talk. please just don make me cry. or maybe we can cry together. on another note…. i see you have come to my side of thinking…. hahaha Who is Mr. Optimistic now….

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