Stocks likely to crater from here

While this site focuses primarily on climate change, the problem is so interwoven with the machinery of the global economy that I end up absorbing a lot of economic information as a byproduct. Lately this financial chatter has been particularly hair-raising, and as much as it pains me to be the constant alarmist, I’d be remiss if […]

Reverse climate change with mobile desert meat!

Deserts suck. Sure they’re beautiful in their way, and their brutal austerity holds a certain fascination for the Western observer. But mostly, deserts suck…they’re barren wastelands hostile to life. Somewhere deep in our bones we long for land that is lush and fertile, so it’s little wonder that cultures worldwide associate deserts with things like […]

Tipping Time Bomb

To me, the scariest thing about climate change is that it will soon move beyond our control. That’s because as the Earth warms, we cross a “tipping points” after which climate change becomes self reinforcing. Trapped greenhouse gases will be released as the the Permafrost thaws, and then the Earth will continue to heat up […]

The mountaintop

These days I tend to beat myself up for screwing around; my biggest time sinks are video games (I never did quite kick my Civilization 5 habit) and television (my beloved Boston Celtics are kind of out in the wilderness). The reason, I think, is that I’ve internalized the threat of climate change. I feel it in […]

Greedy Lying Bastards

Last week I was pleased to get an advance screening of the new documentary Greedy Lying Bastards, which details the connections between American corporations and the denial of climate change science. If you’re unaware that corporate douchebags have been peddling denial in pursuit of profit, or if it’s just been too long since your last bought of […]

Climate Talk – Karen, Will and Nick 1/22/13

If my effusive love of apartment living didn’t come through in the Shannon and Nick talk a few weeks ago, allow me restate it for you now. Meeting strangers from the internet, co-habitating with them and turning them in to your friends is one of my favorite things in the world. A few years after Shannon, I lived […]

Asteroid roundup

Last month the world was captivated by eye-popping footage of the Chelyabinsk meteor as it streaked across the sky in Russia’s Ural region. Humanity was lucky that the meteor detonated high above the earth’s surface, as the explosion was 30 times more powerful than the nuclear blast at Hiroshima. Aside from injuring more than 1000 […]