Of pipelines and Pokemon

Feeling remarkably fresh for someone working on three hours of sleep (poker is a cruel mistress), I threw my backpack in the trunk and settled in for ride. Behind the wheel was my friend Arun, who generously offered to drive for the trip down to protest the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington D.C. I’d been anticipating this excursion for […]

Supercapacitors will change the world

Being interested in climate change necessarily means being interested in technology…after all, it’s the high-tech world of renewable energy that will drive our transition away from fossil fuels. So I was very excited this week to learn about a breakthrough in energy storage that has been discovered using a substance called graphene.  Graphene is a polymer of pure […]

I bet you didn’t know you believed that.

If you believe in climate change, then presumably you believe what scientists tell us about it. That means you believe the United Nations when they tell us the world will be 5°C hotter (~9°F) than pre-industrial levels by 2050. This temperature increase is more than enough for the oceans to swallow our cities, stop all food […]

To D.C. and back

Whew, what a whirlwind weekend, I’m still catching my breath. The Keystone XL pipeline protest in Washingon D.C. this weekend was a great success, with between 35,000 – 50,000 people in attendance (double the expected turnout!). I’ll have a fuller report up soon, but I figured I’d at least dump a few photos here to […]

Climate Talk – Uncle Ramey and Aunt Carol, 1/17/13

In my continuing effort to find challenging audiences and expand these climate talks outside my circle of Boston friends, I was pleased to accept a dinner invite from my Uncle Ramey and Aunt Carol. Ramey is my mother’s oldest brother and a retired accountant who lives with Carol (herself a retired schoolteacher) in Rutland, Massachusetts. I have many […]

Weak Sauce

When Obama opened his mouth to speak about climate change during the State of the Union last night, my heart skipped a beat. Maybe it was the way that Joe Biden rocketed out of his chair to applaud, or the way that John Boehner’s face soured as if he had taken a bite of stale Freedom Fries. […]

Open source for the physical world

Ever wanted to build your own bulldozer or 3D printer? These guys have created a series of open-source, cheap-to-build machines to power a new collaborative economy. The real contribution is the philosophy, however…it shows us a way to maintain a high standard of living while doing with less and being more empowered individually.  This is […]