Look Ma, I’m an activist!

This weekend I’ll be headed to Portland, ME to attend my first Tar Sands pipeline protest. It’s a little strange, since I’ve never had the self-image of being one of those hippy protester types.  But these are strange times, and I guess strange times bring with them strange situations that force us to reevaluate ourselves and the things we hold dear.


I won’t know anyone or exactly what I’m doing, but luckily I found a buddy to go with me.  Shayna is a friend of a friend who lives a few towns over and is in a similar situation of wanting to go, but not wanting to go alone.  If you, the reader, isn’t doing anything on Saturday and would like to keep us company, we’d love to have you.  The march is all happening in one day so your committment is minimal, plus getting there and back is cheap ($20 round trip on the bus).

If you’d like to learn more:

Fracking pollutes groundwater, causes minor earthquakes, and is a major contributor to climate change.


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