Where’s it going?

Channeling a little Mike RugnettaWhat if the purpose of life is to pass on information?

When life began on Earth, we had only the most basic method of sharing information:  genes.  Later we increased our capacity for information sharing through the spoken word, but then there’s only so much an oral tradition can hold.  Later still we discovered the written word, giving information a form of permanence…but dissemination was limited as books had to be written by hand.  Finally the printing press came along, and information began to disseminate rapidly, yet learning remained slow in the majority of the world where formal education had not taken root.

Today, we have the internet.  Information is shared at the speed of light in a construct that penetrates deeper in to our cultural consciousness with each passing year.  Information is never lost, every Tweet or Facebook post lives on forever.  And every second of every day there are billions more pieces of information piling in to this collection as people build on eachother’s knowledge and culture.

Look at where we’ve come from, look at where we are, and then pause for a moment to think about where we’re going.  If that thought doesn’t make you smile, you lack either heart or imagination.

One thought on “Where’s it going?”

  1. If I ever figure out where I am I’d be happy. Oh yeah – I know exactly where I am. I’ve been lost here before! One thing I know for sure. Life is change. I saw a group of ladies at a pub the other day and when the band went on break they all pulled out their smart phones and started texting. I jokingly commented “I hope you’re not texting each other.” They looked at me for a second and laughed and said “Actually, we are!”.

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