With the incoming Congressional freshmen, there’s renewed talk of ending the filibuster.  My girl Elizabeth Warren even wrote an article about it. Let’s face it: the filibuster is bad system design.  Congress is a body built around the idea of compromise, and yet the filibuster allows any senator to block any bill for any reason […]

The adult in the room

We’re wrecking the world to the point where we won’t be able to live on it anymore.  Does no one see the numbers?  Is everyone asleep?  Who will stand up and be the adult in the room? In the video below, Professor Kevin Anderson makes a good effort toward being that adult.  He eviscerates the state […]

UN Climate Change Conference

The UN Climate Change Conference (nicknamed COP18) starts tomorrow in Qatar…good luck to all participating countries and happy negotiating.  The infographic below is a great primer, laying out the current states of climate politics and worldwide carbon emissions.

It’s officially time to freak out.

Climate deniers have cause to rejoice today:  they were right, environmental advocates are way off in their calculations.  The situation is actually much worse than previously thought. There is precious little world governments can agree on right now with respect to climate change. Conferences come and go without serious action taking place.  The only thing the […]

Climate Talk – Dad 9/18/12

And so this little adventure has come to it’s first real challenge:  the conversion of my father, the climate skeptic. Dad is semi-retired now, but worked for many years as a well-respected hospital administrator.  His specialty was turning around failing institutions:  he’d would get hired as a hospital’s president, spend a few years righting the […]

A morning well spent

I spent Monday morning performing the most meaningful activity a person can engage in:  arguing with strangers on the internet.  The battlegrounds were the comment sections of news stories covering the Keystone XL Pipeline  protests that happened in Washington D.C. this weekend.  Bill McKibben, and 3000 of their closest friends encircled the White House […]

Do The Math event, Boston 11/15/12

Sarah and I were in attendance for’s Do The Math show at the Orpheum Theater last night.  Great event!  I didn’t know quite what to expect going in…how do you turn scientific lectures about global ecological collapse in to an entertaining stage performance?  Overall I’d say they did a pretty good job, though they […]

Paper tiger

One of my Mom’s most endearing qualities is that she enjoys cutting out and collecting articles for me to read.  Every time I visit her she’s got a stack ready to go with content ranging from global economics to the wedding announcements of people I went to high school with.  Subjects evolve over time but […]

The new Dust Bowl?

  With ~60% of the United States still under drought conditions, it’s time to start asking what this means and what this suggests.  We know what it means agriculturally:  the corn and soybean crops have been scorched, resulting in the lowest yields in nine years.  Supply dropped below demand for the first time in 38 years and, […]