Take this election by the balls

Now is the time for President Obama to stand up and take this election by the balls by talking about climate change.  Hurricane Sandy has killed dozens and wrought billions in damage.  People are justifiably scared and ready to listen.  Politically, it’s a slam dunk: while Democrats’ plans on climate change are anemic, they’re still […]

Hurricane Sandy is on her way

My sister Jill resides in New York City, and as such she’s being evacuated right now due to hurricane Sandy.  Her apartment is in Battery Park, right on the water, and with predicted storm surges of ~10 feet, the Hudson river will rise up to kiss the first floor apartments in her building within the […]

Climate Talk – Jeff and Toni, 9/5/12

For me, this was a big one.  Jeff is my closest friend in the world…we’ve known eachother since high school, I’m godfather to his children, and he was the best man at my wedding (and I his).  But more than that, for the stated goals of this project Jeff represents an important demographic: a suburban, […]

Marching on Mitt – 9/28/12

Look ma, I’m a protester! On September 28th, 350.org organized a rally in downtown Boston, and I decided to participate.  In the weeks preceding, 50,000 people had signed a petition asking Mitt Romney how he planned to address climate change.  The purpose of the rally was to transport those signatures to the doorstep of  Romney’s […]

Say it….say it!

Near the end of the presidential debate last night, Bob Schieffer lobbed out the meatiest question of all:  “Mr. President…what do you believe is the greatest future threat to the national security of this country?” Obama didn’t open his mouth right away, he let the question hang out there for a few seconds while he […]

Wind turbine success stories

I was having dinner with my in-laws last night (happy birthday, Cindy!) and someone mentioned a story in the Boston Globe about Gloucester, MA.  Apparently Gloucester is launching several wind turbine projects this year, including one that will generate all of its municipal power.  This project, projected to save the city $11 million over 25 […]

World of Yemen

What will a climate change world look like?  To answer that, look no further than  climate-induced droughts and subsequent food shortages.  As climate change takes root and droughts become more severe, food shortages will breed global instability as countries struggle to feed themselves. Food, like any other commodity, gets expensive when it is in short […]

Awareness on the rise

Can’t ever get enough good news like this:  The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication reports Americans’ belief in climate change up 13% since January 2010.  Other study highlights: Today over half of Americans (58%) say they are “somewhat” or “very worried” – now at its highest level since November 2008. 40% of Americans say […]