Hi everyone, thanks for coming to check out the site.  You are my best and brightest…those that by blood or common history are caught up in this strange endeavor.  A few quick notes: At your earliest convenience, read through the content links at the top.  (CLIMATE CHANGE, LIMITS TO GROWTH, etc.)  These are the bones […]

Only madmen.

We believe in what we can touch, smell, observe or prove. These are truths, these are the building blocks for a basic understanding of our world. You refuse them at your peril…because without them you endanger yourself and others. Only madmen step off a building believing gravity holds over them no sway.

Iowa’s drought is the world’s problem

“This is not some gentle monthly wake-up call, it’s the same global alarm that’s been screaming at us since 2008″ The above was quoted by Colin Roche of Oxfam, noting that the drought could lead to food shortages for millions of people worldwide.  Corn prices have surged 49% since mid-June.  And since corn is in […]

My first climate talk! Chatham, MA 8/23/12

As the ABOUT section details, a big component of this site will be me giving the “climate talk” to my friends and family.  This is for practical reasons (these are people I love and I want them to be prepared) and because personal encounters are more relatable than scientific reports.  Here is the account of […]

A new chapter begins.

This is my first post.  It’s hard to express my feelings at the moment, which are split in several different directions.  I feel responsibility, warranted or not.  The consequences of climate change are so large and dramatic that I feel an obligation to sound the alarm and do what I can to help humanity cope. […]